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Red Knot Asymmetrical Earrings


These Red Knot Earrings are made with used Cereal box paperboard, Not only Eco-Friendly but Species Specific - Great for a day birding at the shore.

Red Knots are long distance Migrants,Going from the Artic to The Southern Part of South America. Migration follows the East coast with important stopovers for rest and food. One of the most important is the Delaware Bay in late spring which coincides with the spawning of horseshoe crabs. These eggs are a vital resource for the migrating birds. 

  • Upcycled Cardboard, natural shellac and surgical steel ear-wires
  • Handmade
  • Light Weight
  • Size: Both Red Knots are 1"  (Measurements are Approx)
  • To Learn More about these unique earrings visit the Jabebo Collection page.

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